URINARY INCONTINENCE Urinary Incontinence Established Not easily reversible causeTransientEasily reversible cause Impaired Detrusor Contraction Signs of autonomic neuropathy or spinal cord disease, cauda equina syndrome, anticholinergic medications Stress IncontinenceFailure of urethral sphincter to remain closed Small Volume Precipitated by stress maneuvers More common in multiparous women Bladder Outlet Obstruction Delirium/confusional states Infection (UTI) Atrophic urethritis/vaginitis Pharmaceuticals Psychological/psychiatric Excessive urine output Restricted mobility Stool impaction Overflow Incontinence Distended bladder with high post-void residual volume Continuous small volume leakage+/- Precipitated by stress maneuvers Urge Incontinence Detrusor overactivityAbrupt urgency Moderate to large leakage of urinePrecipitated by cold temperature & running water

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