METABOLIC ALKALOSIS Sustained Metabolic AlkalosisContracted Effective Arterial Blood Volume Signs of volume depletion Expanded Effective Arterial Blood Volume No signs of volume depletion Low Renin High Aldosterone Low ReninLow Aldosterone Malignant Hypertension Renovascular Hypertension Renin-Secreting Tumor Aldosterone-secreting mass Adrenal hyperplasia Glucocorticoid remediable aldosteronism High Renin High Aldosterone Licorice Liddle's Syndrome Enzyme deficiency Transient Renal Failure with Ingestion Rule OutRenal LossHigh U Cl- Vomiting NG suction Gastrointestinal LossLow U Cl-Volume Status Assessment Gastric Lower Bowel Villous adenoma Laxative abuse Chloridorrhea Penicillins Non-reabsorbed anions Impaired tubular transport Diuretics (loop/thiazide) Hypomagnesemia Barrter's/Gitelman's IV Bicarbonate Acute correction of hypercapnia Milk-Alkali syndrome Bicarbonate ingestion

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