Clinical Pearls:

After the age of 30, there is a a 10% loss in olfactory neurons every decade.

SMELL DYSFUNCTIONENT History, Physical Exam, Anterior Rhinoscopy Sensory Testing, CT/MRI to Rule Out Neoplasms, Fractures & Congenital abnormalities Smell Dysfunction Nasal Obstruction/ URTI Trauma Endocrine/ Metabolic Neoplastic Toxins and other Factors Septal DeviationAllergic Rhinitis Bacterial/ Viral Infection (Influenza)Foreign Body Nasal Surgery Base of Skull Fracture Nasal Fracture Smoking Drugs Radiation Toxin Exposure Alcoholism Diabetes Mellitus Adrenal Hypofunction Adrenal Hyperfunction Vitamin B12 Deficiency Zinc Deficiency Malnutrition Nasal Polyps Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma

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