OTALGIAOTALGIA Increased Pain With Pinna Manipulation Mastoid Referred Otologic Via Vagus or Glossopharyngeal Nerves Nasopharyngeal, Oropharyngeal, Laryngeal, Hypopharyngeal Pain Thyroiditis Aerodigestive Tract Malignancy Post-tonsillectomy Periauricular Otitis Externa Osteomyelitis of Temporal Bone Herpes Simplex Zoster (Ramsay Hunt Syndrome if Facial Nerve Paralysis) Furunculosis Acute Otitis Media Barotrauma Traumatic Perforation Abnormal Tympanic Membrane Ulceration/ Abnormal Tissue Growth Squamous Cell Carcinoma Sarcoma Cholesteatoma (Typically Otorrhea) Mastoiditis Auricle Cellulitis/Perichondritis Trauma (Frostbite, Auricular Hematoma) Autoimmune (Relapsing Polychondritis)TMJ Pathology Parotiditis External Auditory CanalPain Unchanged With Pinna Manipulation

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