RED EYE: Traumatic Red Eye Corneal Abrasion Ultraviolet Keratitis Chemical (Acid, alkali) Traumatic Atraumatic Surface Injury Blunt Trauma Hyphema, diplopia, periorbital ecchymosis, subcutaneous emphysema of lid Globe Penetrating Injury Hyphema, history of trauma/high velocity impact, reduced visual acuity Associated Injury Orbital Rim/Mid-facial Fracture Orbital Floor Fracture Orbital Apex Injury/ Retrobulbar Fracture**** Urgent lateral canthotomy Lids: Swelling, Laceration Conjunctiva: Subconjunctival hemorrhage Cornea: Abrasion Iris: Laceration, iritis, iridodialysis Pupil: Traumatic mydriasis Lens: Cataract, dislocation Vitreous hemorrhage Retina: Tear, hemorrhage, choroidal rupture Glaucoma Optic Neuropathy Clinical Pearls: With chemical burns, it is important to determine if the burn was caused by acid or worse, alkali. With a globe-penetrating injury, call ophthalmology, shield the eye, and do not touch the eye.

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