DYSARTHRIA Lower Motor NeuronSlow, Low Volume, Breathy Speech Tongue and Facial Atrophy Fasciculations Dysarthria Motor Neuron Disease Lesions of Cranial Nerves VII, IX, X, XII Myasthenia GravisMuscular Dystrophy Upper Motor Neuron Slow, strangulated, harsh voice Positive jaw jerk, hyperactive gag reflex. Emotional lability Bilateral Lacunar Internal Capsule Strokes Multiple Sclerosis Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Ataxic (Cerebellar) Irregular Rhythm and Pitch Spinal-Cerebellar Ataxia Multiple Sclerosis Alcohol Tumour Paraneoplastic Disorder Extra-Pyramidal Rapid, Low Volume, Monotone Speech Parkinson's Disease

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