ALTERED LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS: Approach Altered Level of Consciousness Glasgow Coma Scale Score:12-15 = Investigate8-12 = Urgent Investigation <= 7 = Resuscitate + Investigate Rapidly Deteriorating = Resuscitate + InvestigateBlood Work Clinical ExamImagingFocal Trauma Stroke Tumor Hemorrhage See Imaging Section Non-Focal Refer to Blood Work and Imaging Sections Metabolic Abnormality Hypoxia Hypercapnea Hyper/HypoNa Hyper/HypoCa Hyper/HypoK SepsisNo Metabolic Abnormality Postictal Concussion Meningitis Encephalitis Structural Abnormality Epidural Hemorrhage Subdural Hemorrhage Intracranial Hemorrhage Ischemia Tumor Non-Structural Post-Ictal Concussion Encephalitis

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