VASCULAR JOINT PAIN Constant Pain (Ischemia) Acute Onset Increased Pain with Activity (Claudication) Cold Extremity or Hyperemia Vascular Joint Pain Spasm Occlusion Disruption Compression Vasculitis Sickle Cell Anemia Peripheral Vascular Disease Atherosclerosis Deep Vein Thrombosis Septic Embolism (e.g. Infective Endocarditis) Fat Embolism (e.g. fractured long bone) Air Embolism Vasculitis Trauma to Vessel (dislocation/fracture) Hemarthrosis (Hemophilia or Trauma) Peripheral/Mycotic Aneurysm (e.g. Marfan's Syndrome, Infective Endocarditis, Atherosclerosis) Any structure compressing the blood vessels Abscess Cyst Neoplasm Dislocated Bone

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