Age > 50 years Age < 50 years Osteoporosis All men and women >65 Prior fragility fracture Prolonged glucocorticoid use Rheumatoid Arthritis Falls in past 12 months Parental Hip Fracture Other medications Vertebral fracture Osteopenia on X ray Smoking/ETOH Low body weight (<60kg) or major loss (>10% of when 25) Fragility Fracture Prolonged Glucocorticoid use Use of other high risk medications Aromatase InhibitorsAndrogen Deprivation Therapy Hypogonadism/Premature Menopause Malabsorption Syndrome Primary Hyperparathyroidism Other disorders strongly associated with rapid bone loss and/or fracture OSTEOPEROSIS- BMD testing T-Scores:Normal > -1-2.49 < Osteopenia < -1Osteoporosis - < - 2.52010 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Osteoporosis in Canada

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