INFECTIOUS JOINT PAIN Fever/Chills/Myalgia Constant Pain Increased Heat and Swelling Signs & Symptoms of Viral Infection 9E.g., Rhinitis/Cough) Polyarticular Monoarticular Infectious Joint Pain Viral Myalgia Viral Arthritis Disseminated Gonoccocal Infection (Dermatitis, Migratory Arthralgia & Tenosynovitis) Secondary Syphilis (Red/Copper Papules & Mucosal Lesions) Fifth Disease (Erythema Infectiousum & Symmetrical Rash) Rubella (Measles- like rash) Primary HIV Infection Endocarditis Articular Peri-ArticularInsidious Onset Acute Onset Cellulitis Necrotizing Fasciitis Septic Bursitis Abscess Osteomyelitis Lymphadenitis Warts Septic Arthritis Fungal tuberculosis Lyme Disease (Erythema Migrans)

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