HYPOGLYCEMIA Hypoglycemia Other Causes Fasting Hypoglycemia Excess Insulin Medications (e.g. Insulin Secretagogues, ?-Adrenergic Antagonists, Quinine, Salicylates, Pentamidine) Alcohol(< 4 mmol/L) Post-Prandial Critical Illness (e.g. Hepatic Failure, Renal Failure, Cardiac Failure) Sepsis Hypopituitarism Adrenal Insufficiency Hyperinsulinemic States (e.g. Glucagon, Catecholamine Deficiency, Insulinoma) Malnutrition/Anorexia Nervosa Alimentary (e.g. in the setting of Gastric Surgery) Congenital Enzyme Deficiencies Idiopathic Signs/Symptoms of Hypoglycemia: Neurogenic: irritability, tremor, anxiety, palpitations, tachycardia, sweating, pallor, paresthesias Neuroglycopenia: confusion, lethargy, abnormal behaviour, amnesia, weakness, blurred vision, seizures (Reactive) POtentially acutely life-threatening presentation

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