HYPERCALCEMIA: Normal/High PTH Hypercalcemia Calcium Normal/High PTH Drug Side Effects Primary Hyperparathyroidism Tertiary Hyperparathyroidism Familial Hypocalciuria Hypercalcemia Total > 2.55 mmol/L; Ionized Calcium > 1.30 mmol/L Hypercalcemia (in the setting of long-standing secondary hyperparathyroidism) (e.g. Renal Failure, Post-Renal Transplant)Corrected total serum calcium concentration (mmol/L) =measured total serum calcium concentration (mmol/L) + 0.02[40 g/L - albumin(g/L)] Adenoma Hyperplasia MEN 1 and 2A Measure In Fasting StateAutosomal Dominant Calcium Receptor Mutation (CaSR) Other Familial Hypercalcemias (e.g. MEN)Low PTH Thiazide Diuretics Lithium Vitamin A/Isotretinoin

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