HYPERCALCEMIA: Low PTH Hypercalcemia Normal/High PTH Drug Side Effects Malignancy Vitamin D Related Other Total Calcium > 2.55 mmol/L; Ionized Calcium > 1.30 mmol/L Excess Vitamin D/ Calcitriol Intake Unregulated Conversion of 25-OH D3 to 1,25-(OH)2D3 (e.g. Granulomatous Disease, Lymphoma) Corrected total serum calcium concentration (mmol/L) =measured total serum calcium concentration (mmol/L) + 0.02[40 g/L - albumin(g/L)] PTH-Related Peptide (e.g. Breast, Kidney, Lung) Cytokine-Mediated Bone Resorption (e.g. Multiple Myeloma, Lymphomas) Metastatic Bone Disease Measure In Fasting State Excess Calcium Intake (e.g. Milk Alkali) Immobilization Adrenal Insufficiency ThyrotoxicosisPaget's DiseaseLow PTH Thiazide Diuretics Lithium Vitamin A/Isotretinoin

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