SKIN RASH: Pustular Skin Rash Eczematous Pruritic/Scaly/Erythematous lesions Usually poorly demarcated Papulosquamous Erythrematous or violaceous papules & plaques with overlying scale Vesiculobullous Blisters containing non-purulent fluid Pustular Blisters containing purulent fluid Reactive erythematous with various morphology Infectious AcneiformErythematous papules and pustules on face Acne Vulgaris Comedones +/- nodules, cysts, scars on face & trunk Comedones Absent Folliculitis Pustules centered around hair folliclesImpetigo Pustules with overlying thick honey-yellow crusts Candidiasis"Beefy red" erythematous patches in body folds with satellite pustules at peripheryAcne Rosacea Telangiectasia, episodic flushing after sunlight, alcohol, hot or spicy food & drinks Perioral Dermatitis Perioral, periorbital & nasolabial distribution, sparing vermillion borders of lips

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