SKIN RASH: Papulosquamous Skin Rash Eczematous Pruritic/Scaly/Erythematous lesions Usually poorly demarcated Papulosquamous Erythrematous or violaceous papules & plaques with overlying scale Vesiculobullous Blisters containing non-purulent fluid Pustular Blisters containing purulent fluid Reactive Reactive erythematous with various morphology Psoriasis Well demarcated plaques, thick silvery scale on elbows & knees. Auspitz signKoebner's phenomenon Lichen Planus Purple, pruritic, polygonal, planar (flat-topped) papules on wrists/ankles/genitals (especially penis)Wickham's striaeKoebner's phenomenonPityriasis Rosea Oval, tannish-pink or salmon-coloured patches, plaques with scaling border in Christmas tree pattern on trunk, begins with a large lesion patch (Herald's patch)Tinea(Ring Worm)Annular (Ring-shaped) lesion with elevated scaling, red border, central clearing Secondary Syphilis Red brown or copper coloured scaling papules and plaques on palms and soles Discoid Lupus Erythematous Scarring and/or atrophic red/purple plaques with white adherent scales on sun-exposed area

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